Team Wisdom VU@U – The reflection session based on Points of You® – the coaching game

Team Wisdom_VU@U - builds openness and trust in the team, creates a space to express thoughts, feelings and points of views.

Reflection session based on coaching game inspires everybody to look inside themselves, gain insights and make an impact in their work environment and lives.

Team coaching helps people understand how to work better with others. It’s an effective method for developing high-performance teams, to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships.

    Session’s Purposes:

  • empower workplace Specialists to take their teamwork to the next level,
  • to meet our opinions and visions, points of view at one time,
  • support a process of building a strong cohesive team,
  • to open minds, shift mindsets and enhance collaborations in a quick, deep and long-lasting way,
  • enable out of the box thinking to take place in the work environment,
  • openly talk about important details of their work by using a combination of photos and words and the Points of You methodology,
  • to generate collaborative issues solving and come up with meaningful and creative solutions,
  • respect everybody way and improve empathy intelligence in a workplace,
  • design action plans together,
  • to build a supportive and productive team culture,
  • to share and inspire each other.