This three-hour session is designed to provide participants with the space to reflect on their enterprise goals, test assumptions and co-create strategies to take your business forward.

The session is valuable for people setting up enterprises and more established entrepreneurs, freelancers looking to develop new ways of working and connecting to customers.

    The objectives of the process:

  • gain new perspectives and insights on your enterprise vision,
  • meet, exchange and share with other like-minded people: business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs,
  • find the ways how to achieve goals with Points of You® method,
  • give yourself space to stop, zoom in, reflect where are you now in the process of growing your business,
  • focus on action by choosing the realistic plan about what and when you will do,
  • discover the details but also reveal the big picture of your enterprise, be ready to see more,
  • find a dynamic model that can help you increase own range of vision and establish conditions that enable success,
  • take an opportunity to interact with each other in a dynamic, fun, productive and inspirational group process,
  • Be ready for the unexpected but very precise experience.

    Find out when and where in your area I'm planning to provide an Ideation and Development session for enterprises and emerging businesses.