Decision-Making Process VU@U – Workshop for Teams

Analysing the decision-making process in the team leads to build the company’s internal decision quality capabilities.

The session is based on reflection learning and Points of You - the coaching game.

The workshop is suitable for team members, managers, scrum masters who are responsible for making decisions.

    Session’s Purposes:

  • open members of the team to share their opinions,
  • reflect by finding the right answers to based on team's needs questions,
  • encourage people to rethink about old solutions and notice new points of views,
  • find out what helps people in your team to make decisions,
  • create steps to better decisions-making and have a chance to find a way which is in accordance with individuals and the organization,
  • support a process of building a strong cohesive team,
  • to build a supportive and productive team culture,
  • to share and inspire each other,
  • enable out of the box thinking to take place in the work environment.
  • An on-site session of this program can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.