Photography in Coaching

Making Images Work

The powerful language of Photos, that inspires and provokes the mind.​ Points of You® games are based on associative links between photograph, theme and the issue we have chosen. POY represents an advanced how members of the team/group connect with themselves and with each other. It is important to understand that the point is not in the pictures or photography, but that the look and the way to view something is the thing. The View at You.

  • Projects

    Team Wisdom_VU@U – builds openness and trust in the team, creates a space to express thoughts, feelings and points of views.

    Reflection session based on coaching game inspires everybody to look inside themselves, gain insights and make an impact in their work environment and lives.

    Team coaching helps people understand how to work better with others. It’s an effective method for developing high-performance teams, to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships.…

  • The thought-provoking experience

    Professional and personal development processes

    Sessions are designed for organisations, businesses, start-ups, collectives and individuals. People are encouraged to tell their genuine stories as a means of introducing themselves to strangers – always with the same magical results. Every little thing in life has countless points of view. Expand your observation and knowledge while participating in an ongoing personal and professional journey based on Photography in Coaching and Points of You®.

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